What is this website?

I’m reading through all of TSR’s D&D products in chronological order.


Yeah! I’ve always enjoyed D&D and I like to see how ideas develop over time.

You mean, like all of it?

Well, actually, my plan is to only read up to the end of 1st edition AD&D. (And all the BECMI stuff.) It’s what I grew up playing. Didn’t play much of 2nd, 3rd or 4th edition. And there’s only so much time for things…

Ok, so just rulebooks, or…?

I mean everything (as long as it’s D&D related). So that includes all rulebooks, all modules, all Strategic Reviews and Dragon magazines, supplements, etc.

Just TSR or other companies as well?

Just TSR. I mean I may occasionally read something from say Judges Guild but I probably won’t put it in the list on the front page. It’s just TSR products (or distributed by TSR).

Do you actually play it?

No, I’m just reading it. I played a lot of it when I was younger. Lately I’ve played some 5th edition (which rocks!) with my kids. As of writing, they’ve just reached the entrance of Wave Echo Cave in the The Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Where are you getting the dates?

A bunch of places, including:

Hey, one of your dates is wrong!

Great – please let me know if you have more accurate information and I’ll update it!

Do you actually own all of it?

I own quite a lot of it in hard copy. Otherwise it’s pdf. (Especially for rare things like Palace of the Vampire Queen). I began collecting D&D again around 2003.

How do you buy it?

Mostly off eBay. I even wrote a program to help with the searching called AuctionSieve. You should try it – it’s awesome!

I want to join in!

Sure. Go ahead. Have fun!