The Dragon #27, Vol 4.1

Cover by Thomas Canty – you can’t beat a knight on a horse!

What’s new

  • New Dragon title logo! The logotype would essentially remain the same till #274, albeit with lots of variations including a change to a 3D style in #225
  • At the start of volume IV, Kask takes a look back at what they’ve achieved with the Dragon and what plans they have – more Tom Wham games, contests, more colour, layout re-designs, etc

Sorcerer’s Scroll

  • Guest column by Bob Bledsaw from Judges Guild about what they’ve done to help D&D with all their playing aids


  • Brief report by Gygax on Cangames ’79 – says it was great
  • A quick look at Dwarves


  • Elementals and Philosopher’s Stone – creates some sort of 18 sided thingy that adds more elements such as dry, cold, etc and the corresponding elementals
  • Mythos of Africa – you know the drill

Giants in the Earth

  • Alan Garner’s Durathor
  • Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser
  • Edgar Rice Burrough’s John Carter of Mars

Bazaar of the Bizarre

  • Gygax – Bag of Wind and variants

Dragon’s Bestiary

  • The Horast

Out on a Limb letters

  • Rebuttal to the harsh LOTR movie critique in #25

Ads of note

  • Best of The Dragon – on sale at at GenCon XII (August) and shipped by mail Sep 1