The Dragon #25, Vol 3.11

First cover by Phil Foglio!

What’s new

  • Editorial notes that although the letters column has been revived, it’s already in serious doubt of continuing due to lack of submissions
  • Not a lot of D&D in this one – lots of Gamma World and other stuff

Sorcerer’s Scroll

  • Gygax discusses why character generation in D&D doesn’t have random tables for social class – basically it will be highly dependent on the DM’s campaign – the setting, government etc, so it’s not sensible to have generic tables
  • As an example campaign setting, the World of Greyhawk gets a mention – which wasn’t published till August 1980, one and a half years later
  • He mentions that the DMG is practically finished! He thanks a bunch of people


  • An article categorising orcish miniatures from various manufacturers
  • Varieties of Vampires – a whole bunch of variations from the real world to spice up your campaign
  • To Select a Mythos – some suggestions for creating your campaign setting

Out on a Limb letters

  • Critique of the new (animated) Lord of the Rings movie – pretty harsh!