The Strategic Preview 6

Mentions GenCon IX as being in the past. Talks a bit about Swords & Spells (available now). Article list and screenshot of 1st and last page available on RPG Geek. Date Information Hawk and Moor says August. The Acaeum says September. Considering GenCon was held Aug 20-22nd, and SP6 mentions GenCon being in the past, […]

The Strategic Preview #5

Mentions Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes: Supplement IV is available. That’s about it. Note, you can also see the back page on rpggeek. Date Information The Acaeum says July. Makes sense given the announcement of Supplement 4. And the comic saying they’re off to Origins II, which was held July 23-25. And an ad for Gencon […]

The Strategic Preview #3

What’s this you say? These were some in-house newsletters. Although the cover of the first one (yes, even though it’s #3) seems to imply they were going to be sent to subscribers of The Dragon. Anyway, I’ve never read any of these in their entirety – only what’s available from the scans on The Acaeum. […]

The Strategic Review #2.2

The last issue. Discussion of what The Dragon will be. Dave Sutherland joining as staff. Discussion of the magic system in D&D by Gygax. Talks about the components – verbal, somatic, material. Clears up misconceptions – some players had been using spells endlessly without re-memorising. More ridiculous posturing about Gencon vs Origins. A full page […]

The Strategic Review #2.1

Dave Arneson has now joined TSR and Mike Carr too. Major article about alignment by Gygax. He shows a 2d plane with law and chaos on one axis and good and evil on another. He doesn’t quite go the whole hog of 9 alignments but rather only 5: Four quadrants with all combinations of lawful/chaotic-good/evil […]

The Strategic Review #1.5

Blackmoor with the printers… A mention of Supplement 3 – Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes coming soon. Some background bios on TSR people – Gygax, Blume, Rob and Theron Kuntz, Kask. Some info about Gencon vs Origins. A couple of magic items and new monsters – Rakshasa, the Trapper. That’s about it. Date Information Well it […]

The Strategic Review #1.4

Announcement of 3 new people joining staff – Tim Kask, Terry Kuntz, Dave Arneson. Oh look, more info on pole arms… Worth mentioning, in each of these issues there’s a section called Mapping the Dungeons where they mention various newsletters that contain D&D content and also a list of dungeon masters available. New magic user […]

The Strategic Review #1.3

A bit of a polemic in this one against a competing newsletter that published a bad review of D&D. This kind of negativity crops ups somewhat often in these early magazines and it’s not an attractive thing. Also of note is that Gary Gygax is now full time at TSR. There’s a curious announcement of […]

The Strategic Review #1.2

In D&D related content: they say the first D&D supplement, Greyhawk, should be available around the time the issue is published we get a FAQ with an example of combat using the new system in Greyhawk (with damage by weapon-type). Of interest to me, it’s stated that initiative is checked for every round! new monster […]