The Strategic Review #1.5

Blackmoor with the printers…

A mention of Supplement 3 – Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes coming soon.

Some background bios on TSR people – Gygax, Blume, Rob and Theron Kuntz, Kask.

Some info about Gencon vs Origins.

A couple of magic items and new monsters – Rakshasa, the Trapper.

That’s about it.

Date Information

Well it says December. It mentions Blackmoor being with the printers. Which just means the Editorial was probably written in November. It mentions it’s the season to be jolly, so definitely coming up to Christmas. There’s a mention of an event to be held Jan 16. What’s more odd is a mention of a product that was due on Oct 31 but the writer has no idea if it made it on time. Hmmmm. It’s quite possible or even likely that this issue was published before Blackmoor, but I’ll put it as December anyway rather than November.