The Dwarven Glory

Dungeon Masters Kit – Number 2 Check out those dwarves! Check out that treasure! Check out that weird archway? Like Palace of the Vampire Queen, this wasn’t created by TSR but is included here because it was distributed by them. The weirdest thing about this? It uses hex maps, where every hex is 3 feet. […]

Character Record Sheets – 1977

I don’t have this. Here you can see a reproduction of the sheet taken from Jasper’s Rantings. he recreated it as a pdf so you can download and print it. You can see some good photos of original copies here and here. These character record sheets incorporate all the various elements that make up characters […]

Swords & Spells

I was kind of dreading this book a bit, expecting a lot of tedious miniatures rules that I’d mostly skip. However, even though there were some very dry bits, it turned out to be quite a quick read (unlike Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes). Probably the most interesting parts of these older books are the Forewords […]

Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes: Supplement IV

What it says on the cover. Kind of like the Monster Manual but not as much info. The foreword is interesting, saying that this is the last supplement and don’t hold your breath for another. It’s like D&D is “done” and there’ll only be minor new stuff in Dragon magazine. And a funny note about […]

Palace of the Vampire Queen

Dungeon Masters Kit – Number 1 The first ever published D&D module! It’s here because it was distributed by TSR. This is quite an impressive adventure considering there were basically no other examples to get ideas from (apart from the minimal and weird example in the D&D rulebooks). It’s quite amazing how polished the whole […]

Eldritch Wizardry: Supplement III

Oh my, psionics… I never understood them. And I still don’t after reading this. I play a lot of board games and there’s an art to laying out the rules of a game. Often I find a game that seems difficult but turns out to be quite easy and comparable to other board games – […]