Blackmoor: Supplement II

Laid out like the Original D&D booklets into 3 sections. First up we get two new subclasses – the monk and assassin. Oddly, the monk is a subclass of cleric but has no spells – it seems more a subclass of thief. Oh my. There’s a very extensive section on hit location – assigning various […]

The Character Archaic

Unfortunately I haven’t read this in its entirety. I haven’t got a copy and I haven’t been able to find a pdf to either buy or download from anywhere on the net. What I have been able to see from various google searches are images of the cover, the character sheets and even a sideways […]

Greyhawk: Supplement I

Greyhawk expands in interesting ways on the Original D&D. Most notably it introduces the Thief with all of that classes abilities. Also Paladins are added as a sub-class of Fighter. Races get a bit more of a description and half-elves are introduced. Next up are modifiers for Ability scores. For Strength – to hit and […]

Dungeons & Dragons Vol. Two: Monsters & Treasure

The second book is effectively the Monster Manual. All the favourites are here. It’s a little bit odd in its organisation. Like Chainmail, the monsters aren’t in alphabetical order – rather they’re kind of in rough groups. The different colours of dragon are in there along with rules for subduing them. The treasure section has […]

Dungeons & Dragons Vol. One: Men & Magic

This first booklet is kind of like the Player’s Handbook. First oddity – it suggests a referee (not yet called Dungeon Master) to player ratio of 1:20. Whaaat? Next up – we have the 3 main classes – fighter, magic-user, cleric. The thief is a notable absence. Next, races – Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Halflings […]

Original Dungeons & Dragons

This is it. The original. So much history are in these booklets. All the essentials of D&D are here, along with some oddities – holdovers from the war-gaming background. Absolutely fascinating. For more detail – see my reviews of each individual booklet: Volume 1: Men & Magic Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure Volume 3: Underworld […]


This is a fascinating read for any D&D player. The first half is pretty skippable – it’s just standard miniature war-gaming rules. The fun starts half way through with Man-to-man combat – ie where one figurine represents one man instead or 10 or more. Included in here is a fun section for jousting which my […]