The Character Archaic

Unfortunately I haven’t read this in its entirety.

I haven’t got a copy and I haven’t been able to find a pdf to either buy or download from anywhere on the net.

What I have been able to see from various google searches are images of the cover, the character sheets and even a sideways look at the Wizard’s Tomb (which is a very odd thing).

More images are available on The Acaeum, Save or Die, and Tome of Treasures.

I’m including it here because, although it was produced by Wee Warriors, it was distributed by TSR.

Date Information

It’s listed in the catalogue page at the end of the February 1976 issue of Strategic Review and reviewed in the following issue. But most importantly, from an online auction and elsewhere, I’ve seen a picture of the back cover, which clearly states 1st Printing Sept. 1975.