The Strategic Review #1.3

A bit of a polemic in this one against a competing newsletter that published a bad review of D&D. This kind of negativity crops ups somewhat often in these early magazines and it’s not an attractive thing.

Also of note is that Gary Gygax is now full time at TSR.

There’s a curious announcement of Empire of the Petal Throne stating how it will be the ultimate in fantasy gaming! Uhmmmmmm

New bunch of monsters including such classics as The shrieker, Naga, Piercer, Shambling Mound and The Lurker Above.

Date Information

Again, this is hard to nail down. It’s the Autumn issue, which supposedly means Sep-Nov – which is plain ridiculous. It mentions Empire of the Petal Throne should be out mid-July. It mentions Citex is coming up on August 15th. I think July is a safe bet.

Further information I’ve found – the July 1975 issue 6 of Owl and Weasel has an ad for TSR items saying Strategic Review issues 1, 2 & 3 are available. Further confirmation that July is about right.