The Strategic Review #1.2

In D&D related content:

  • they say the first D&D supplement, Greyhawk, should be available around the time the issue is published
  • we get a FAQ with an example of combat using the new system in Greyhawk (with damage by weapon-type). Of interest to me, it’s stated that initiative is checked for every round!
  • new monster – The Roper
  • new Ranger sub-class
  • a *lot* of information on pole arms

Date Information

This is where things start to get tricky. The cover is Summer, meaning June-August, but there’s no way it was published this late considering the Winter/Dec problem. In terms of content, there’s a mention of Don Kaye’s passing in January. It also mentions Greyhawk should be available by the time this is published. And there’s an ad for Origins in July. I’m narrowing it down to April/May.