The Dragon #8 Vol 2.2

I dunno about you but I think that’s a pretty darn ugly cover. Apologies to the artist. The best part of the magazine is a very interesting article by Gygax about the Planes of existence. Although the planes have been mentioned in spells and items in the supplements, this is the first time the concept […]

The Dwarven Glory

Dungeon Masters Kit – Number 2 Check out those dwarves! Check out that treasure! Check out that weird archway? Like Palace of the Vampire Queen, this wasn’t created by TSR but is included here because it was distributed by them. The weirdest thing about this? It uses hex maps, where every hex is 3 feet. […]

The Dragon #7 Vol 2.1

It’s announced that (the artist) Tom Wham is now on the staff of TSR. An article that wouldn’t make any sense in our current world – What to do if you lose your dice and you have players coming over to play. No-one has any dice? How could that ever be possible?! Probably the most […]

Dungeon Geomorphs Set Two: Caves & Caverns

More of the same. What’s surprising to me is how much of a gap there was between the first set and this one – almost a full year! (That’s assuming the date of the first set is anywhere near correct.) As with the first set, you can read the example encounter descriptions at Greyhawk Online. […]

Character Record Sheets – 1977

I don’t have this. Here you can see a reproduction of the sheet taken from Jasper’s Rantings. he recreated it as a pdf so you can download and print it. You can see some good photos of original copies here and here. These character record sheets incorporate all the various elements that make up characters […]

The Dragon #6 Vol 1.6

An article about running trading ships with exciting things such as port taxes. Some minor extra rules about determining psionic abilities. Whatever. An article with suggested morale rules, where characters get new prime attributes, Bravery and Loyalty, and then there’s a ridiculous number of pluses and minuses depending on party make up, the monsters involved, […]

The Dragon #5 Vol 1.5

Editorial notes that The Dragon is expanding to 8 issues per year. There’s a very lengthy article on witches which I mostly skipped, not being official. Creature Feature – The Anhkheg! with a picture by Erol Otus. A bunch of tables for wizard researching. Lastly, there’s a fun article that goes through all the times […]