The Dragon #21, Vol 3.7

Cover by Paul Jaquays – bit sketchy but pretty decent

What’s new

  • An adventure! – The Hall of Mystery by Don Turnbull – I actually don’t think it’s all that great
  • There’s an error on the cover. It says Vol III No 6 but it’s actually No 7


  • The Other Humorous Side of D&D – an anecdote from a player about a really bad/ridiculous DM
  • A bunch of tables to come up with fancy titles for characters like “The Captain General, His All Triumphant Magnificance, The Duke Rogor, The Colossal, Destroyer of Evil”
  • Monty Strikes Back – just doesn’t interest me
  • Although not D&D related, it’s worth mentioning there’s an extensive article about “Rail Baron” by Gary Gygax

Design Forum

  • An article suggesting you spice up your monsters by just picking a real world creature and fancying it up – eg giant scorpion
  • An article that’s basically a rogues gallery of NPCs with interesting descriptions and motivations to add flavour to your campaign


  • Inflation in D&D – characters got too much gold? Just inflate the prices of things! Whatever floats your boat I guess
  • How To Counter Foretelling Spells – DM tricks to deal with powerful characters
  • Sensible Sorcery – how to put some limits on spell research


  • The Silmarillion! The reviewer, T Watson, is fairly enthusiastic but with notes of caution about how dense it is.

Ads of Note

  • Ad for S1 Tomb of Horrors!