The Dragon #28, Vol 4.2

Cover by Dean Morrissey

What’s new

  • The Dungeon Masters Guide is out!
  • New column – Up on a Soap Box
  • Full board game – The Awful Green Things From Outer Space

The Dungeon Masters Guide

  • Extensive Q&A with Gygax about the DMG
  • It’s an attempt to give more structure to the game to avoid the craziness OD&D could lead to and allow campaigns to go longer without the players becoming too powerful too quickly (ha, rather different to 5e)
  • He doesn’t envision there being a lot of supplements like OD&D – the 3 books will be sufficient – there may be a second edition but it will be a long time in the future
  • And female dwarves have beards
  • And a bunch of comments by a panel of people involved in its creation – mostly about which sections they like the most

Sorcerer’s Scroll

  • Gygax delves into the evil alignment, particularly what it means to be lawful vs chaotic or neutral


  • The Politics of Hell – a half real-world mythological/half made-up account of the history of hell
  • A Short Course in D&D – describes an experience of teaching D&D to 55 people and the logistics involved
  • Six Guns and Sorcery – Allen Hammack gives a character conversion table between Boot Hill and AD&D, both from and to
  • Fantasy Smith’s Notebook – a new column about miniatures – in this one reviewing various manufacturers

Up on a Soap Box

  • Conventions: The manufacturer’s view – Gygax gives a good overview of the various costs vs profits an exhibitor can expect – basically it costs a lot but that’s the price of exposure


  • Level Progression for Players and Dungeon Masters – a way of scoring yourself – x amount of XP for DMing a campaign, for having a character die etc and then being able to say something like I’m a level 4 DM and a level 7 player, one of those nice ideas that will never take off

Giants in the Earth

  • Leigh Brackett’s Eric John Stark
  • Lord Dunsany’s Welleran

Bazaar of the Bizarre

  • Len Lakofka gives us Potions of Forgetfulness, Rings of Silence, Horn of Hadies, Chime of Warning, Book of a Magic User, Leomund’s Plate and Cup, and Apparatus of Spikey Owns (!?)

Dragon’s Bestiary

  • Slinger

Out on a Limb letters

  • Various rants about D&D that aren’t worth detailing