The Dragon #24, Vol 3.10

Cover by Elrohir (Ken Rahman)

What’s new

  • now combined with Little Wars again going forward
  • Though only 48 pages, not 56, due to paper costs
  • Out on a Limb letters column makes its debut
  • Joe Orlowski leaving the mag to become convention director for TSR and Gary Jaquet replacing him

Sorcerer’s Scroll

  • Melee in D&D – a fairly lengthy but good and comprehensive article reiterating that D&D combat is not meant to be a realistic simulation but instead an abstraction that’s sufficient enough to make it somewhat realistic and also fun without getting bogged down. Gygax also notes that Jean Wells and Lawrence Shick have joined the TSR Design Department


  • Featured Creature #2 – winners announced – low number of entries means they won’t run the competition again – 1st place to Robert Charrette and Erol Outs gets an honourable mention
  • The Society for Creative Anachronism – Allen Hammack tells of his experiences (with photos) attending an SCA event – it’s not just about whacking other people with fake swords!

Design Forum

  • Keeping the Magic-User in his Place – DM advice of ways to nerf magic-users if they’re too powerful
  • In Defense of Extraordinary Characters – a rebuttal against the odd criticism that high level characters are unrealistic – they’re called games people!


  • Chinese dragons – alters and expands what’s given in Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes
  • Another look at Lycanthropy – a bunch of extra rules – if you like that kind of thing
  • Narcisstics – another one of those really bad humourous monster things
  • Psionics Revisited – ugh – when will it ever end?! – this is a bunch of new powers as far as I can tell
  • Disease – random charts for duration and symptoms
  • The Ramifications of Alignment – an attempt to add extra delineations within the alignments and descriptions of gods that would be appropriate for these – eg Law is further split into things like Harmony, Justice, Knowledge, War, etc

Out on a Limb letters

  • Several criticisms of various articles and a bit of defensiveness on the part of the editor in response