The Dragon #23, Vol 3.9

Cover potentially done by DCS according to this.

What’s new

  • Back to 32 pages as the last standalone Dragon magazine not combined with Little Wars
  • Not a lot in this issue due to large page count given to fiction

Sorcerer’s Scroll

  • Gygax – random tables for generating lower plane creatures – as indicated, this was included almost verbatim as Appendix D in the DMG, although the article version has some drawings


  • Editorial about conventions, particularly Origins and how it seems a bit of a mess in terms of how it’s administered
  • A short article by Gygax about the growth of RPGs at the Annual Hobby Industry Convention and Trade Show
  • Notes on the weight of armor – it’s not as heavy as you may think in real life
  • Damage Permanency – random tables for damage to create permanent impairments to characters – with an editor’s note that this should not be used in D&D!
  • Dungeons & Prisons – a short article suggesting how a DM can use prisons to get rid of high level characters


  • Mind wrestling – a kind of board game marker thingy variant for handling psionics