Monster & Treasure Assortment Set Two: Levels Four-Six

More of the same.

All the instruction text is exactly the same, complete with the same example as Set 1 – ie they didn’t bother updating it with an example from Set 2.


Cover is apparently by Dave Trampier. Two of the internal illustrations are signed by Dave C Sutherland. There’s also a rather funny Tom Wham one. I suspect all the others are by DCS.

Date Information

Same as Set One. Enworld has a date of February 1977. The copyright information, as Zenopus states, says February 15.

As with Set One, the copyright information was registered 5 years later, and looking at periodicals of the time paints a very different picture.

Judges Guild Journal issue N, August/September, does not list this. Then Judges Guild accessory O, November, does list it as “NEW”.

White Dwarf issue 3, October/November, does not list it. Issue 4, December 1977/January 1978 finally lists it. Of course, the UK is always behind.

I think that February is way off.

One further thing – it appears on the back of the 1st print of Holmes (published in July). So I’m going with July.