The Dragon #9 Vol 2.3

Again with the dodgy cover – same guy as last one. I won’t mention his name out of respect.

Finally an ad for the Basic Set!

And there’s an ad for issue 1 of White Dwarf.

Gygax has an article about character alignments and handling situations where character alignments differ. Probably the most interesting bit is a very small window into the Free City of Greyhawk and how alignments play a part in that place. On a funnier note, the editor feels the need to clarify the term DM.

There’s an article with some random tables for tombs – the general layout, the type of person buried there, and the treasure it contains.

And that’s it for D&D related content.

Finally there’s the introduction of Wormy by Dave Trampier.

(And a silly comic to introduce Snits… – Snit Smashing coming in Dragon 10!)