The Misty Isles

Ok, so strictly speaking, this was never distributed by TSR but I wanted to read it anyway and I think others may want to conclude the Wee Warriors trilogy as well.

So, here we get a huge expansion in scope. Palace of the Vampire Queen was a single building. Dwarven Glory was slightly larger – a system of caverns. Misty Isles is the whole chain of islands that contain those two locations as but tiny points of interest. Basically it’s a campaign setting.

There are 9, count ’em, 9 islands – each map having 21 large hexes which are all keyed. The only thing missing is a map that shows where all the islands are situated.

There’s a lot of great background information for each island. And there’s quite a bit of interaction between them – warring factions, kidnapped princesses, etc. And it’s quite interesting going back and reading the background info in the other two modules, now that I can see how it all fits together.

Two more things to say.

  1. there are lots of speling mestakes
  2. a lot of the locations are on a big scale – eg “300 orcs guard the wood ramparts with 500 goblin archers”

A reprint is available at DriveThruRPG.

Date Info

Copyright is 1977. I can’t find any other info. Obviously it’s after Dwarven Glory which I’ve placed in June. The only date related information comes from the product page. After listing current products, it has a list of two products “Available soon”, with both “Available Fall/Winter ’77”. So it can’t be too late in the year. I’m going with September.