The Dragon #10 Vol 2.4

  • Now 36 pages.
  • A bit of a reorg in the structure of the magazine to clarify whether something is official or a variant.
  • An article suggesting characters should only get XP from treasure as they spend it. Interesting idea, rather boring article.
  • A report on Gencon X held in August.
  • An article with tables to roll up random terrain info – like how steep a slope is and other exciting things like that. Yeah, that’s sarcasm.
  • A more arresting article with lots of tables to create totally random monsters – not wandering monster tables – rather totally unique monsters never dreamt up before. You could get a large blue lawful undead flying creature with antennae that’s hostile to Hobbits and can only be destroyed by running water!
  • A fantastic article by Richard Gilbert about designing dungeons – specifically coming up with a reason for the dungeon’s existence and even more specifically who the dungeon builder was. Answer that question and the design almost builds itself.
  • Yet another tedious article adding more tables to randomly roll up things for your character like height/weight, hair length, etc etc.
  • A tragic article about the process of gaining experience levels that I think is an attempt at humour but I think is also serious.
  • Snit Smashing! A cut-out boardgame. I have a vague memory of playing this back in the day. It actually has reasonable mechanics.

Wow, that was a big issue.