The Strategic Review #2.2

The last issue. Discussion of what The Dragon will be.

Dave Sutherland joining as staff.

Discussion of the magic system in D&D by Gygax. Talks about the components – verbal, somatic, material. Clears up misconceptions – some players had been using spells endlessly without re-memorising.

More ridiculous posturing about Gencon vs Origins.

A full page ad for Eldritch Wizardry (curiously with the cover image flipped horizontally).

Description of the Character Archaic (wish I could get my hands on that…)

An article about designing towns for your D&D campaign.

Pictures of the new Dungeon shop including pictures of Gygax and Blume.

New monster – Catoblepas

A small box with Thief bonuses for Dexterity (including percentile for scores of 18).

Gygax article about DMing. Basically don’t give out magic, xp and loot willy-nilly. An interesting reference to games played at Caltech with ultra high levels and how that’s just not on!

Date Information

It says April on the cover. The editorial talks about some things as happening in April in the future tense. There’s an ad for Eldritch Wizardry which says it will be available May 1, so I think it’s fairly clear that this issue came out before that booklet.