Module G3 – Hall of the Fire Giant King

What’s New?

  • First 16 page module (G1 & G2 are 8 pages)
  • First 3 panel/3 map cover (although the Australian version doesn’t have a 3rd panel)
  • First to have a new monster description at the end of the module
  • Drow!
  • Mind flayers!!


  • Back to DCS III for the cover. I like how the armour of the middle fire giant (I assume King Snurre) puts me in mind of a fire salamander
  • The backs of G1 and G2 showed aerial shots of the top levels of their maps. That’s not really possible with this one because the dungeon is in a hill. So instead we get a picture of the front doors. Though the proportions don’t really make sense because the two dudes are, I suppose, meant to represent your party (arriving on hippogriffs from G2) and the doors are human size instead of giant size. Anyway, cool picture by Trampier.
  • Otherwise, there seems to be less art in this, but I think that’s because it’s 16 pages, many of which are just walls of text. There are some nicely appropriate ones, like the hell hounds and the evil priest. I count 7 art pieces, about half by DCS III and half by Tramp.


  • The Notes for the DM are a bit more extensive this time. There’s even a nice bit where Gygax describes some of what happened to the play-testing group and how he handled it
  • Note: spoilers from here
  • It’s interesting that the titular Fire Giant King Snurre is basically in the first room – area 3. So what’s in the rest of the module?!?
  • An interesting note for the headsman in the torture chamber – if he hits with a natural 20, he may sever an arm, leg or head – this goes against the general idea that hit points in D&D are an abstract thing. It makes sense, seeing as he’s a headsman but still, it’s a bit tricky to then have to play a character with only one leg or one arm!
  • What’s in the rest of the module? Wait a second – what the heck is this way-creepy temple on level 2? Don’t go touching that altar boys and girls! And who are these weird drow?
  • If you thought the treasure was good in G2, wait till you find the red dragon here and behold its treasure hoard – it’s immense!
  • Level 3 – lots of drow
  • Mind flayers!
  • Like G2, again, it’s very hacky slashy – there’s very little description about what any of the drow are doing – it’s a case of: here’s a room – it’s filled with x number of drow with these stats and equipment – and that’s it. Occasionally you get a name and a little bit of motive.
  • The monster description of the Drow is interesting – giving history and hints at more discoveries to come

Image Information

  • From left to right in all pictures, US 4th print, UK print, Australian print.

Date Information – July 1978