The Dragon #1 Vol 1.1

General introductions on the magazine and how it’s no longer the house organ like the Strategic Review.

Article with a complicated system of using non prime requisites to determine chances of success at almost anything. An early attempt at what we now know in 5e as a DC check.

Article about magic and science in D&D with some example devices that are like a mix between a gun and a wand.

Article on the use of languages in D&D play.

New creature – the Bulette along with the image that would appear in the Monster Manual.

Follow on from last issue’s article about towns, we get a DM’s guide to creating a wilderness around the town.

Higher level XP table and spells for the Illusionist class.

Finally an odd little article about using the Kindred of the elves in D&D (taken from Lord of the Rings).

Date Information

I’m not going to bother putting date information for each issue of the Dragon – seeing as it’s on the cover anyway. June it says, so June it is.