The Dragon #13 Vol 2.7

You know what?

I think this is the first really good cover on The Dragon magazine. It was done by Tom Canty (who also did the cover for Dragon #2).

He went on to do all sorts of book covers. See here:

What’s New

It’s the first monthly issue.


  • Oh boy, here’s one of those tedious ones where we calculate the dimensions and weight of giants and how far they’d sink in to various substances. I mean, really?
  • Dragon sees how many ways they can misspell Tolkien – cover has Toklein, contents page has Tolkein and article title has Tolkein. At least the actual article uses Tolkien. And basically just says D&D != Lord of the Rings (Err, != means not equals)
  • Monster drinking songs – really scraping the bottom of the barrel
  • Notes from a semi-successful D&D player – a bunch of tips like clever uses of spells


  • A random demon generator
  • Japanese mythos

Date Information

Although this is the April issue, there’s an ad by TSR for the Spring Revel in Lake Geneva on April 1 & 2, which also gets a mention in the editorial. So they’d have to assume most people would get the magazine before that time, ie in March. I’m going to continue putting The Dragon dates as the month of issue but I’ll be aware that the contents are usually a month behind if it’s talking about other material.