The Dragon #17 Vol 3.3

Ooh boy, that cover – schlocky 70’s fantasy art at it’s finest

What’s new

  • new comic artist – Will McLean – I love his funny comics and style


  • vampires – how to run them and how player’s can deal with them
  • Faceless Men & Clockwork Monsters – basically a session recap by Gygax of an D&D adventure that teleported into a Metamorphosis Alpha setting – to tell you the truth, this bored me to tears and I couldn’t finish it
  • Tesseracts – how to confuse the map makers with a fiendish/confusing dungeon 4D cube thingy
  • Boredom and the average D&D dungeon – basically how to design a level – give it a theme, eg Ancient Egypt, etc – this was pretty good
  • a breakdown of the upcoming Gen Con schedule
  • a short history of Adamanite – this starts off talking about armor classes and then turns into a made-up legend/history thing – it wasn’t clear what kind of article it was trying to be


  • Jousting – modifications to the Chainmail rules to include adjustments for D&D character levels
  • Wizards with a difference – basically spells for magic-users that specialise – eg a Wizard of Defense which has a lot of defensive spells, many of which are boosted in some way in addition to totally new spells
  • Sights and Sounds in D&D – random tables to provide atmosphere
  • bunch of joke monsters – like Munchkins – not particularly funny
  • Angels in D&D – there are demons, so here are some counterpart angels


  • for gen con
  • for the Players Handbook – “Now Available!” – also has new Wizard logo