The Dragon #20, Vol 3.6

Cover by Elrohir, or rather Ken Rahman, according to Shannon Appelcline

What’s new

  • Editorial, explains price increase – to keep up with inflation
  • And there are reprints of the editorials from 19 because they had a confusing layout
  • First halloween issue – albeit a month late


  • Death stats of D&D players – someone kept track of all the ways various characters and hirelings died – most deaths were by goblin races
  • Photos from GenCon X, including Elise Gygax handing out awards


  • Polynesia mythos – I guess some people like this kind of stuff
  • Witches and witchcraft in D&D – basically a magic user with a bunch of new spells
  • Demonology – all sorts of tables and rule about summoning – one of those articles that I just quickly scan because it mostly bores me and it’s not official anyway
  • Demonic possession and exorcism – um yeah, mostly skipped this one too


  • Lord of the Rings movie preview – the Ralph Bakshi one – some interesting background on the movie’s development

Ads of note

  • After the full page ad for the G modules last issue, this one has a full page ad for the new D modules