The Strategic Review #1.1

A fun quick read at an early point in D&D history. At this point in time, just the original D&D had been published and the supplements were still forthcoming, Greyhawk being the next to come out.

Probably the most interesting thing is a new Monster – the Mind Flayer – which gets a very brief description.

The main part of the issue is a Solo random dungeon generator. Can’t say I tried it.

Date Information

The cover says Spring, which in the USA generally means March 1 – May 31. The sites that mention a publication month say it was published in February. DriveThruRpg has a mention of January. Considering how odd the issues get, with the December issue coming out so soon after the ‘Winter’ issue, January is probably a better bet. Also the next issue mentions Don Kaye’s death in January, so it’s likely this issue was written before that and went to the printers around that time.