Dungeon Geomorphs Set One: Basic Dungeon

A bunch of map pieces that can be put together to form a larger map.

This is a curious mix in its design.

The cover is very pleasant with good use of white space and nice typography. And the maps are finally of the type we know and love from all the first modules.

But then there’s the written section with the curious choice of typeface, like someone’s done this thing on an old typewriter.

This was around the time (unclear if before or after) that Swords and Spells was being put together, which had quite a level of polish. (And I actually read this after reading Swords and Spells because I couldn’t find date information.)

On first glance I didn’t quite understand how the map pieces were broken up and how they fit together. But after a few minutes of study it all became clear.

The example room descriptions and encounters are quite fun. You can read them here.

Date Information

Details on this product are almost non-existent. It’s copyright 1976 on the cover, which is before any of the other Geomorphs or Monster and Treasure Assortments. But when in 1976 is unclear. It’s not mentioned in any Dragon magazine and the only other references to it are on the backs of the Monster and Treasure Assortments and other products, which doesn’t help. I don’t have access to any early printings of the OD&D Supplements which may reference it in their product catalogues in the back. For example, the first printing of Swords and Spells may mention it?

The only thing to go on is some investigative work by Hawk & Moor – mentioned here on The Acaeum he found even the copyright information is no good because it was ‘overwritten’ when the combined set came out. But he reckons around June. So, without anything else to go on, that’s where I’m placing it.

Update: I’ve since found a mention of this in the Judges Guild Journal, Installment K, Feb/Mar 1977, where it is listed in the Booty List with a comment “New Geomorphic dungeon sections”. This leads me to believe this was actually published much later than June 1976. Also, it’s a bit hard to believe there would be such a huge gap between this set and Set 2. So I’m going with a rough date of November 1976.