The Dragon #3 Vol 1.3

Editorial – after vociferous emails, they agree to reduce the amount of fiction – hooray!

Hey look – a table of contents for the first time.

Oh my – a very politically incorrect article about women characters in D&D, where charisma is exchanged for beauty. Perhaps the less said about this, the better.

An article with a bunch of social tables to use when rolling new characters. What their parents did, social standing, sibling order etc.

Ad for MDG (Metro Detroit Gamers) Wintercon V on Dec 3-5.

A new letters section – with letters complaining about the dragon having too much mediocre fiction – ah ha!

Four new subclasses with a note stressing they aren’t official – Healer, Scribe, Samurai, Berserker.

And 2 very silly ones – the idiot, and the jester. The jester has a bunch of ridiculous ‘spells’ like Pun and Thigh-slapper which cause creatures to laugh for x number of turns etc.

Article about dwarves – giving them more abilities and a lot of Lord of The Rings references.

Ad for Swords and Spells – “now available”.