The Dragon #14 Vol 2.8

Lots of Sci-Fi and not a lot of D&D in this one.

Of note: an ad for Origins 78, July 14-16 – “Be sure to visit the TSR Booth for … new Gamma World RPG … and D&D tourney modules” – ie the G series of modules.

Winners announced for the “Name that Monster” contest from issue #8 – illustration was by Erol Otus.

Comments on the state of D&D by Gary Gygax – oh yeah, this is the really good stuff! He clarifies the intended audiences for the original D&D, the new Basic set, and the forthcoming AD&D. He’s drafting the final manuscript of the Player’s Handbook and has a rough outline of the “referee’s” volume (ie Dungeon Masters Guide), both supposedly out in 78 (ha! DMG came out around Oct 79). Also Kuntz & Ward are working on a revised Gods, Demi-gods and Heroes, supposedly coming in late 78 or early 79. (It didn’t actually come out till 1980 and was re-titled Deities and Demigods).

Interview with a Rust Monster – basically a long piece of fiction based off a play session – I skipped it.

The Adventures of Monty Haul and His Friends at Play – this was some sort of over-the-top re-telling of some fictional play sessions of TSR staff. It sounds better than it was. It was not funny.

A letter that seeks to clarify inaccuracies in the Cthulhu Mythos article.

D&D variant – a lengthy article about lycanthropy and playing it as a character – this was too tedious – I skimmed it. But it had some nice images by DAT! Dammit, I’m sure I’ve seen this horse one somewhere else but I couldn’t figure it out. Anyone know where it’s from? Ping me on twitter.