The Dragon #7 Vol 2.1

It’s announced that (the artist) Tom Wham is now on the staff of TSR.

An article that wouldn’t make any sense in our current world – What to do if you lose your dice and you have players coming over to play. No-one has any dice? How could that ever be possible?!

Probably the most interesting article in the Dragon mag for a while, an article by Gygax himself about the origins of D&D, talking about the C&C Society, his Domesday Book magazine, Chainmail, Arneson’s Blackmoor and his 18 pages of rules and then Gygax’s development of that into 300 manuscript pages. He also mentions that D&D was released before he was satisfied with it, due to the demands of the playtesters. And lastly he mentions he’s working on a complete revision!

For something different, there’s an article about Mystery Hill and Stonehenge.

Featured Creature – The Prowler, with a picture by Erol Otus.

There’s a small review of The Judges Guild by the editor where he positively gushes with enthusiasm.

Date Information

Just to confirm the dating of Dragon magazines, this is the June issue and there are many ads for things in July and even for some things in late June. And the Convention Schedule even includes one happening on June 4 & 5. So it’s apparent this means it was published at least by the start of June if not late May.